"No one has ever become poor by giving."

What Your Donation will Fund

‘Ka Hā ‘Ō Ka ‘Āina, Inc. is committed to the preservation of native Hawaiian endemic/endangered species, the education of the public regarding native Hawaiian plants and the ecological and cultural significance of various species of Hawaiian plants.

Your donation will fund these three key missions: propagation, preservation and education.

More concrete examples of where money will go include seed bank and greenhouse projects. We maintain a seed bank which helps preserve critically endangered species for propagation. Greenhouses are used, and a larger greenhouse is being built to propagate plants that are not able to grow under natural conditions. Tissue culturing will be operational by 2018.

To help fulfill these commitments information is provided to the public through the website, seminars and tours of the garden upon request.

If you are interested in visiting the garden, or organizing an educational seminar, please call or write us at:


Ka Ha O Ka ‘Aina, inc. 

55-823 Keahipoe Place / P.O. Box 190634

Hawi, Hawaii 96719-0601

(808) 889-6226

How to Donate

We are a small non-profit committed to the preservation of endangered Hawaiian plants.

We would appreciate any donations that you feel comfortable giving.

Send checks, please no cash to:

‘Ka Hā ‘Ō Ka ‘Āina, Inc.

P.O. Box 190634

Hawi, Hawaii 96719-0601

(808) 889-6226

If you like, you can send us a message by using the form below