Who We Are

and what we do

The Garden

The seed parent garden is four acres in North Kohala on Hawaii island. Currently, 47 species of plants are grown as seed parents and used for propagation. Originally, the area was used for growing sugar cane, and that usage depleted most of the land’s nutrients. Slowly, with the addition of amendments and through organic gardening the soil has nurtured some very rare plants and aided in seed production.  Thousands of seeds have been produced and shared with others.  A product of these seeds are the plants that we have been able to share with botanical gardens, schools, parks and individuals.  Organizations and individuals dedicated to Hawaiian plants have been collaborators of ours and have helped us gain knowledge.  This sharing has increased our ability to grow plants that have been notoriously difficult to grow.

Having received so much from the community, including financial support and plant donations, we recognize the importance of giving back whenever possible. Along with donating plants from our garden, we have worked to create a dialogue with other interested stakeholders.  We believe we are stewards of the land and we let ‘Ka Hā ‘ō Ka ‘Āina, Inc. speak for itself.  We are committed to protecting these plants. We fear without these efforts they may be lost forever.

Ka Ha 'O Ka ||Aina, Inc.