Koki‘o, (Immaculatus)


Hawaiian:     Koki‘o ke‘oke‘o, hau hele, koki‘o kea, pāmakani

English:        Hibiscus

Latin:            Hibiscus immaculatus

FAMILY:      Malvaceae

STATUS:    Endemic, Easy to propagate


One of five white hibiscus, this shrub can grow to 8 meters tall.  It grows from 100 to 800 meter elevation.

Flowers: are pure white, white petals with white stamen and a pale yellow tip and are slightly fragrant.  

Leaves: are lighter green than all the other white hibiscus.  Looks similar to immature cabbage leaves.

This plant is a subspecies of the Hibiscus arnottianus.


This hibiscus is fragrant.  Remarkably the white Hibiscus was never used in lei making although all five varieties are mentioned here and there in chants and legends.